Saturday, May 21, 2011

Baby got back!

Lets talk about blunt people.
I recently saw an older woman with whom I work occassionally, Kathy. It was the first time in a long while that we had seen each other. After a few hours of work side by side, another coworker asked me about my pregnancy. It was something generic like "How's the baby? Is she kicking a lot?" or "Is your pregnancy going well? Any morning sickness? "
Then it registered to Kathy what we were talking about and she burst out while I was answering, "I didn't know you were pregnant!
Well what did she think was causing my waddle?
My belly measureing about 23 cm at this point, what did she think that was?
I'm almost 6 months pregnant!
What did she think was going on?

"I thought you were just gaining 'newlywed weight'. I've seen you from behind and though you were just putting it on back there. But now that I really look at your middle I see you really are pregnant."

Gee. Thanks.
I feel SO much better Kathy. 

It is hard to take the comments that certain people make with a positive attitude.
I'm growing a whole person inside my belly so yes, it is expected to get pretty big.
And my strechy maternity pants are comfy but aren't exactly cut to flatter my backside.

All in all I have to remind myself some people lack tact.
Its not me. Its just the way they talk.
They mean to say something nice and it comes out all jumbled and even a little (or in Kathy's case, a LOT) rude sometimes.  So when people say "You're huge now! Look at that belly!"  I try to listen a little harder so I can hear "You're baby is really growing well and it looks like you are both healthy!"

So now I'm listening to my new anthem "Baby Got Back" and enjoying my healthy pregnant body! And some fresh pineapple too. :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Baby Einsteins: Not So Smart After All

This is my PSA about "Get smart quick" schemes.

Nothing good comes of letting your TV teach your child.
Be a parent and interact with your little one.
If you are unavailable, take time to find developmentally appropriate toys to occupy your baby.
This is your job as primary caregiver.
Thank you.
That is all.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Kick Daddy Please! What am I saying?

I started feeling movement around 19 weeks and now I'm obsessed with getting my husband to feel it too. It will be strong enough later that people will not only feel, but also see my little wiggleworm squirming in my belly.  But I don't want to wait for later.
I am an impatient woman.
I'll own that.

I just want him to experience what I do all the time.
And it's not like the kicks aren't hard enough to feel. They certainly are. Just not all the time.
We'll sit for 20 minutes waiting for a kick and then as soon as I give up and roll over, she'll kick so hard! Its like she knows we're waiting for her to move.
Like she's winning at a game of hide-n-seek.
Well "Olly Olly Oxen Free!!"
Please Kick Daddy!

What am I saying? What am I teaching my daughter? I tell her. No I beg her to kick her father now. But in 4 years, when I get a call from the preschool reporting that my daughter has kicked poor little Johnny, I'll deny I ever told her such a thing. You will all know the truth.
I just want him to feel how strong she is.
How powerful she can be.
She's like her mother though,

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ultrasounds are ultra awkward

I didn't put much thought into what my ultrasound experience would be like but it sure wasn't what I had imagined. It was amazing to see my little baby on the monitor, that is for sure; but, it was strangely quiet for the whole appointment.

Later I talked with our expecting mommas who say the tech won't talk mostly because they aren't trained to assess to information from the ultrasound.  The doctor did come in and review the findings of the tech.  He confirmed that our baby is measuring right on for our Sept. 18th due date. Then he said "So you've reviewed the gender?"  No. the tech mentioned nothing about it. We started to think they couldn't tell because of the way the baby was positioned.

"Looks like a ....girl." But he kinda said it in a way that seems uncertain or unsure. I immediately rubbed it in James face, like the mature and dignified person that I am.  James face was lit up with total excitement as he stared at the screen soaking up the images of our little girl.

We came not knowing what to expect, worries and anxieties filling our heads, and no idea what color we would see at baby showers.  We left with new understanding of our baby girl, a clean bill of health, and a set of 6 pictures of her tiny little head.