Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Amelia Update: May Edition Part 2

Amelia has perfected her crawling skills which means that Mommy and Daddy have to be more and more vigilant. The conversation that preceded this first video went a little something like:

Poppa K- "Hey is Amelia on her way over there?"
Momma K- "What do you mean? She's [next to you] by the couch, playing."
Poppa K- "No, she isn't. Are you sure she isn't under the table [by you] or in the kitchen."
Momma K- "No, she's over there [by you]"
Poppa and Momma K - Uhhh....
::erie silence fills the room::

Amelia is learning new ways to play and eat. She currently crawls to me and nurses in a kneeling or semi-standing position. Apparently she thinks she can do the same thing with her bottle.

Amelia is more mobile than ever and sometimes that means a few bumps and bruises. This particular video led to a 2-minute long, wimpery nursing session. After which she was back to her usual self. :)

Amelia has discovered that her toys are boring and more interesting things are laying around the house. An empty container or tupperware lid provide all the entertainment a  nearly-8 month old needs.

Amelia loves eating solid foods. We started out making some purees for her but have come to see that she prefers eating solid pieces of soft foods all by herself. While she still isn't sure about avacado or squash, she loves banana. My little banana baby. :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Amelia Update: May Edition

Amelia's "Uncle" Ben came from Texas to visit and they played a rousing game of peekaboo which ended with a hilarious comment from Amelia. Watch to see her true personality shine. Enjoy :)

She eats bananas like a pro.
She crawls mighty fast.
She "walks" with a little help.
She gives kisses and is all kinds of funny.

That's what Amelia is up to these days.
It won't be long before she's a Big Girl!