Monday, September 26, 2011

Baby K is here!

Amelia "Something" Kimmel was born
Saturday, September 24th, 2011 
at 4:27 pm
All 8lbs6oz of cuteness fits in 21 inches

(If you remember my previous post I was right on the day and very close on the length. I was only off by one lbs and 2 oz so I'd say that's a win.) 
She is looking healthy and got 9 on both APGAR ratings. 

Amelia Kimmel: One Day Old
The labor was roughly 12 hours from the first noticable contactions to her arrival into our arms. 
We are all shocked with how quickly she came. It was a waterbirth at the Birth Cottage (which was such a treat) and so was amazing all around!! 
Many were asked to pray after her birth because I had some very concerning bleeding right afterwards while I am working on a detailed account of the entire birth, many people are in need of an update. To summarize the scary parts, I was given a pitocin injection and methergen tablets to help with restricting the bleeding after a hemorage. I had a dizzy spell in the shower which was later determined was mostly low blood sugar and overheating but did concern the midwives a great deal. I was monitored at the birth cottage for several hours and after further tests looked markedly better, we went home at around 11pm last night. 
I'm now showing signs that the bleeding is all normal and the concerns for potential problems is in the past. I am so grateful for all the prayers sent up to cover us during the time just after her birth. I know that God was listening and He has granted me great health. I am still very tired and prayers for the recovery process are very much welcome. I have gotten many mentions of wanting to bring food so I'm including information on the right side about a website that will help us organize those efforts called 
I know many are curious what her full name will be, and honestly we are too! We are slowly working through the process of naming her and will let you know when we figure it out. :) For now, we are enjoying being a family of 3 and soaking it in as much as we can. Sometimes that means just staring at her for hours. The time seems to pass all too quickly. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dear Over-due Baby,

Dear Over-due Baby,

When we first heard you were coming, a doctor with an expensive degree told us how old you were and gave us a "due date". I think due dates work better for library books and rent checks. I knew that you wouldn't care what day she said, you are a baby and you will come when you are ready.

People like to know when things will happen. Its easier to cope with changes when you can control when they start and stop. I know this doesn't concern you now; we should learn to be more like you. When you get older we will teach you to read a clock and a calendar and tell you how important it is to be punctual. Baby, that is a fancy word that means you show up on time.

But you are a baby, and I don't expect you to be punctual. I expect you to show up in the only way you know how. I know its a long journey you'll be making and you need to be prepared. Take your time.

It's been about 35 weeks since we saw that doctor. You had lot of growing to do back then and everyone was happy to wait while you were growing up inside my belly. Now that you are so big, people think you are done growing. Maybe you are, but maybe you need just a little more time. I want you to be completely and totally ready so don't let people hurry you out.

Baby, I know that I'll tell you to respect your elders and listen to the teacher and obey the rules. But none of us out here know anything about when you should come. Lots of us act like we do. That's just so we can feel better.

We are excited to meet you so it's hard to wait.
But I will wait on you. Take your time.

Just come on home when you can, precious child.
We love you and we're ready to be your parents.

            Love, Your really big-bellied Mommy, and super-excited Daddy.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mother's Instinct

I just have a feeling that Amelia Something Kimmel, will arrive on September 24th at 7lbs 3.5 oz  I and 21.5 inches long. I base none of this on science or any real measuring. I just like the 24th since it is very convenient and also stylishly late as the child of a Vinson-Kimmel should be. I fancy her weight to be 7lbs 3.5oz since was 7lbs 4oz and James was 7lbs 3oz. As for the length, I think she will be long and thin since my belly is big and my ribs are sore. :P
All that to say, I don't know a thing.
Only time will reveal if I am right.
So now we wait....