Friday, June 24, 2011

Bill Cosby and Lists

This video is
1. hysterically funny.
2. appropriate for my life at the moment

I am trying so hard to prepare for the baby and with every effort I find myself confronted with a truth. The repetetive theme of my thoughts this stage of pregnancy is that I will, sometime soon, run out of ways to prepare. And ultimately, my preparation will not be complete. There is no way to prepare for the unknown and so much of parenthood is just that. Advice and research is great, but it has limits.

Unfortunately for me, I am-by nature-a planner. I like to cross my t's and dot all the i's.

Truthfully, my style is more like; read up on all the ways to go about crossing and dotting and then talk and talk and talk my poor husband's ear off about all the things I read and then after a considerable amount procrastination (out of fear of dotting and crossing imperfectly), I will finally complete the stinking letters.  And at some point in the process a list is usually involved.

I've made many lists in the past 27 weeks.
And in the spirit of listing, I shall list them:

Registry lists.
Daily to-do lists.
Honey-do lists.
Must-clean lists.
Frozen foods to prepare lists.
Things to remember to ask the midwife lists.
Names that aren't stupid and James might actually consider lists.
...among others.

One thing I will be able to cross off my to-do list is "Find and register for Bradley Method Birthing Class"  which begins July 5th at 7pm. I'm pretty stoked. And also terrified. Learning how to birth a baby just makes it all the more real.

This is real.
I will birth a baby.
I will take that baby home.
I will then raise that baby up into a list-making-i-dotting-freak just like me.

The point I'm trying to make amid all the ramblings here is simple: Babies don't fit lists. They can't be prepared for, even by really great planners. But here's to trying.

Momma K

Thursday, June 16, 2011

94 Days to Go!

I just checked my calendar to discover that I'm due in 94 days!!
Big news, people: That's less than 100!
Shock is starting to wear off....

On a related note, I am on the cusp of beginning the third trimester.
Saturday June 18th I'll be 26weeks 6days pregnant and be officially 2/3rds done with pregnancy.
It is sinking in more each day that the end of pregnancy isn't really and end at all.
In many ways, I think of it as an end. 
End to the waiting.
End to wondering what my little baby will be like.
End to my pregnancy symptoms.
End to using the "I'm pregnant" excuse for napping, being cranky, or eating weird stuff.
I am going to go home without a big pregnant belly (Lets be honest, I'll still have a big belly, it just won't be pregnant anymore...)
But it will be the beginning of life with three people in the house.
One of those people will be a tiny human who is completely dependant on me.
It will be the beggining to motherhood.
Begginging to breastfeeding.
Begginging to new symptoms as my body tries to recover.
Begginging to trying to figure out what is best for me and my baby and my family.

But, no pressure, there is 94 days between now and then.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Swallowed a Watermelon...

I run into many many items that I simply MUST have for this baby. This is one thing I just want for ME.  :)

Swallowed a Watermelon... Maternity T-Shirt Yes, actually I DID swallow a watermelon! Uber Goober Designs

MMmm.. The true bliss of summer for a pregnant woman is WATERMELON!