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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Gender Reveal Party Planning

Little Miss or Mister?
Gender Party Ideas

Food Served = Cravings
greek salad skewers
fruit skewers
roast beef sliders
hummus and veggies
sea salt chips
ginger ale
water bottles with tape to dress it up

Party Favor
Mini Hershey bars with “he” or “she” colored in.

Aqua balloons
Red w/polka dot balloons
table cloths white/red or aqua on top
Banner with colored streamers made from excess tablecloths

Color Scheme

Guess Baby’s Birthdate
Calendar printoff (need to track down a big frame for this)
Baby feet stamp
Red and Aqua ink pad
Pen to sign the feet and write weight/length guess
Name Game "Drop 2 Add 1 Change 1" Pass around two clipboards with name lists (one with boys and one with girls) Instruct guests to remove their 2 least favorite, add a new one, and adapt a name already on the list. This is something they can play while mingling and are not forced to sit and listen to everyone play at the same time. After the guests have edited the list the parents will read the list aloud and the group will vote on the #1 for each gender. (most votes win and each person can only vote for one name.) Couple is under NO obligation to put this name on the birth certificate. This is a game, after all. :)

How Big is Baby/Mommy/Daddy?
Pass around yarn/scissors for guests to select how “big” the expectant couple are standing back to back around the center (yarn at the belly button)

Gender Wives Tales
Write on Poster Board
Chinese Chart- GIRL
Heartbeat (>140=girl   <140=boy)
Weight Gain  (belly=boy  booty=girl)  BOY
Belly (high=girl   low=boy)   BOY
Skin (blemishes=girl   dry=boy)   BOY
Moodiness (cranky=girl   calm= boy)   GIRL
Cravings (sweet=girl   sour=boy)   BOY
Morning Sickness (nausea=girl  none=boy)  GIRL
Headaches (yes=boy   no=girl)   GIRL
Utensil/Cushion (spoon=girl   fork=boy)   

Ring (back-and-forth = girl   circle=boy )

Cake Possibilities